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Idyllic Landscapes

June 16 – July 4, 2015

  • Idris Ali
    Geylang Road, SIngapore
    Ink and watercolour
    355 x 280 mm


    1 / 4

  • Kevin Tan
    Cavenagh Bridge, SIngapore
    Acrylic, ink on canvas
    920 x 920 mm

    2 / 4

  • Jeffrey Wandly
    Kampong Gelam Revisited
    Ink, acrylic on canvas
    1200 x 400 mm


    3 / 4

  • Tilen Ti
    Early Morning, Little India, Singapore
    Watercolour with gouache and ink
    297 X 420 mm

    4 / 4

SINGAPORE – Maya Gallery is delighted to present Idyllic Landscapes, an exhibition of Singapore's landscapes by Idris Ali, Kevin Tan, Jeffrey Wandly and TilenTi. The showcase features the charms of old places and landmarks in various mediums in ink, watercolour, acrylic and gouache, with each artist in his own distinctive style. Covering heritage districts of Kampong Gelam, Chinatown, Little India and streets of Geylang, Tiong Bahru and many more, the exhibition reflects the important role artists play in documenting our nation's heritage and history. What is evident is the passion and urgency to capture what is dear to us, before it disappears.

Idris Ali (b. 1944, Singapore) has been painting Singapore’s landscapes in watercolour for the past 50 years, documenting our rich heritage. A self-taught artist, Idris showed his first works at the Lembaga Tetap Kongress exhibition at Victoria Memorial Hall (1962). He received the Pingat APAD Award (1974) and Cipta Mekar Award for outstanding work at the Action '90' Art Exhibition (1990). Idris Ali has exhibited in Singapore and Malaysia. His works can be found in the collections of the National Heritage Board, Singapore National Museum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, several dignitaries in Singapore and Malaysia, and private individuals. He has also been commissioned for a portrait of former Singapore president of Mr Wee Kim Wee and the First Lady.

Kevin Tan (b. 1963, Singapore) paints mostly Chinatown scenes using fountain pen. Inspired by visits to this heritage district as a kid, his works reflect a sense of innocence and vibrancy. A graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Kevin spent 30 years in the advertising industry. Since he first showed his art works at "A Changed World" at National Museum of Singapore (2014), Kevin has been been participating in various group shows. He strongly believes that ink can bring out the vibrancy of a place without the distraction of colour, focusing more on the character of the area and its people.

Jeffrey Wandly (b. 1964, Singapore) has an honours degree in in Architecture, masters in Project Management, and a career in project development for 20 years. At 16, he received a Certificate of Merit at the Saces Sculptor Competition by the then Singapore Tourism Board. Jeffrey started painting old landmarks in charcoal in 2009, and later explored ink and acrylic. He has been fondly called "building whisperer" by his collectors for capturing the essence of the place in which he has conversations with. He has exhibited his works locally and in Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Hong Kong. His works can be found in the collections of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, various corporate organisations and private individuals.

Tilen Ti (b. 1969, Malaysia) uses splashes of watercolour to defy reality in his street scenes. A self-taught artist, Tilen was born in Raub, a small town in Pahang, Malaysia. He attended Saito Academy of Art in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, where he obtained a diploma in commercial art. In 2006, he moved to Singapore for the purpose of his profession as a Graphic Designer. He began painting in watercolours in 2009, and has since made a name for himself for his distinct style.


The exhibition runs from 16 June till July 4th 2015.


Opening Reception:

16 June 2015, Tuesday
7 pm,
Maya Gallery

In the presence of the artists


Idris Ali
Kevin Tan
Jeffrey Wandly
Tilen Ti

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