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@HOME, issue 8

Painting Home

What do you call a Singaporean of Javanese descent who excels in Chinese ink? Ironic? Iconic? Rojak? Actually you could call it all of the above, but his name is Sunar Sugiyou. We had the pleasure of meeting him at his exhibition at The Fullerton Heritage hotel in July, presented by Maya Gallery, called simply 'Home'.

Meeting Sunar
Sunar is a remarkably youthful-looking 52. His firm handshake and winning smile immediately endear him, and his thick hair and slim figure blie his years. He looks nothing like a relic of the past that is so beautifully captured in his works.

An alumnus of St Patrick's Art School (now LASALLE College of the Arts), Sunar was chosen to exhibit his works as an undergraduate in the Shell Discovery Art Exhibition, and shortly after received a Certificate of Commendation at the IBM Art Awards and an Australian Art Award. His artistic career has taken him on a tumultous journey with detours, setbacks, happy accidental encounters and all of the usual banes and blessings that shape an artist's unpredictable life.


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@HOME issue 8

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