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BALI ARTS, Dec 2013

From The Heart
A Collaboration of Balinese and Singapore Artists

Some artists from Singapore and Bali create an amazing collaboration in an exhition. All of them create art from the heart. And the result is humanity stories.

Art is a lovely way to our heart. That is the background of the Balinese and Singapore artists to hold their art collaboration in an exhibition "From the HeART", between 16th – 26th November 2013 at Artomorrow Artspace Bali, Ubud, Bali. The artists from Bali are Huda Fauzan and Pranoto, and the artists from Singapore are Idris Ali, Khamis Ariffin, Jeffrey Wandly and Sunar Sugiyou.

When art comes from the heart, it has such unlimited ideas; when art comes from the heart, the pure beauty is about sincerity; when art becomes a nice way to your heart, that is the essence of art, touching the deepest side of humanity; your heart!

Hence, they depict humanity as a main issue for their art. Each artist has their own way to express their concerns because they have different feeling and point of view. Their visual enrichment shown at this exhibition is united by their heart. Though the essence is similar, they have different experience.


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Bali Arts, Dec 2013

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