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BALI ARTS, Sep 2012

The Journey
A Friendship in Art

Maya Gallery is pleased to present The Journey, an art exhibition with a Balinese theme showcasing works by five artists from Singapore and Bali – Huda Fauzan (Bali), I Wayan Sujana Suklu (Bali), Idris Ali (SG), Jeffrey Wandly (SG) and Sunar Sugiyou (SG).

Bali is long known for being a haven for art, culture and tradition. Deeply rooted are the Balinese to their religion, expressed in various temple rituals and art forms preserved over the centuries. Coupled with beautiful landscapes and friendly hospitality, this island of a thousand temples has brought together many artists and art lovers from all over the world.

Thus it is no surprise that Bali became the venue for Maya Gallery's first artist residency programme. The artists met with galleries, artists and friends including Mario Blanco, Suklu, Huda Fauzan, Made Doblet and Ketut Sariastra, and explored old towns and puras, and learnt traditional ink-making techniques. Their art studio amidst lush greenery and amazing views also sparred them to create fresh works of art, many of which will be revealed for the first time during the exhibition.


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Bali Arts, Sep 2012

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