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Expat Living
, Oct 2013

Readers tell where to find the best pieces

Aziza Ali, Singapore

"I love art and have about 200 works of art in my home, some of which are my own paintings. I love to support local Singapore artists and have bought many local artworks over the years.

I bought this pencil charcoal painting by Singaporean artist Jeffrey Wandly from Maya Gallery. This particular painting is done on Chinese paper. He comes from an architecture background and it shows in his works; look, for example, at the mud house in China depicted in his painting. He is a very talented artist and I appreciate his style, so I will continue to support him.

The owners of Maya Gallery have a good vision and have stocked the gallery with a good selection of artworks. Besides local artists, they have pieces by Turkish, Malaysian, Indonesian, Spanish artists and more.

When it comes to art, I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'll buy an art piece if the piece speaks to me and appeals to me; it has to grow on me! It's a bonus if I know the artist and his or her background."

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Expat Living Oct 2013

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