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b. 1967, United Kingdom

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Born in Britain, Manx is famous for his powerful art creations that are exuberant deconstruction of cityscapes, landmarks, and architecture.

Showing explosive energy, spontaneous style, and the breaking down of linear form, he consciously annihilates the paradigm of perfection ― a distinct element that is omnipresent in his creations. The result is an intelligent, balanced, and thought-provoking experience for his audience.

In his creations including Red Star Found Downtown (2016) and Through the Red Window (2016), he gives an ironic twist to his provocative work by strategically placing motifs of dazzling glitter over the considered chaos of the pieces. An aesthetic juxtaposition and a bold statement: much like raw ambition amidst the turmoil that is downtown.

Jose Martinez, who paints under the name of Manx, was born in 1967 in the UK. He currently divides his time between London and Singapore.

Artist Statement
I enjoy showing explosive energy, spontaneous style, and the breaking down of linear form(s). I’m constantly trying, whether it’s consciously or otherwise, to annihilate the paradigm of perfection, a distinct and constant element that is present in my creations. Hopefully, the result is an intelligent, balanced, and thought-provoking experience for the audience.

In my recent creations, and this is including ‘The Singapore Triptych’, I give an ironic twist to my work by strategically placing motifs of glitter over the considered chaos of the pieces. An aesthetic juxtaposition and a bold statement that ridicules mainstream thinking, people’s aimless craving, greed, and mindless ambition that is palpable amidst the turmoil of the city. 

I try to avoid the aesthetically obvious, preferring the challenge of the darker, more grittier subjects. However, if I do decide to walk the whimsical, it will always be with an acerbic twist.


1984-1986    Studied Art and Design, Manchester, England


Group Exhibitions

2017        Singapore Contemporary, with Maya Gallery
2016        Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Autumn), with Maya Gallery


1999-2011               Red Square Pte Ltd
2011-2016               Red Square Group


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