Hetty Lie Shrieke

1951 , Singapore

Hetty Lie Schricke stopped working as a scientific researcher in 1994 and delved in different art media including aquarelle, oil painting, painting on faience and porcelain and stained glass fabrication.

She was introduced to local pottery works when she was a Singapore Art  Museum Docent. Thanks to Mr Iskandar Jalil, she developed her passion for clay since 2006 and has finally found the material for her art expression.

Clay is like an old friend in moments of reflection. It has its own story and she likes to imagine how it has witnesses the history of that place.

Artist’s Statement

I enjoy experimenting with local clay. After one year’s attempt, I have settled on to the use of Seletar, Jalan Bahar, Kallang and Tuas marine clays as the major clay material, as clay slips and, or as glazes.

Coming back to Singapore after many years abroad, sharing the nature and essence of local clay is a way of defining my identity and my connection to Singapore.

I draw motivation and satisfaction with the local clay aspect, colour and form and my expressions are related to plants and birds and to my Peranakan roots.

Perahu I
Seletar clay and ash glaze, glasses
22 x 12.5 cm
1300 C gas