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"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless."
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau (philosopher, writer)

We are honoured to have your company in celebrating Maya Gallery’s first year. When we opened a year ago in this historic neighbourhood of Kampong Glam, we showed less than ten artists and roughly thirty art works. We were touched by your encouragement and support.

Since then, we have showcased almost ten exhibitions, more than 300 art works by more than 40 Singaporean artists and close to 30 regional and international artists – from paintings, drawings, ceramics, glass and wood sculptures, to pinhole cameras and photography. In various mediums covering oils, acrylics, Chinese ink, charcoal, pencils, pastels, mixed media, handmade colours, and recycled materials.

Our artist listing includes master potter and Cultural Medallion (Visual Arts) recipient Iskandar Jalil, second-generation Singaporean artists Idris Ali and Sujak Rahman, and third-generation artists Sunar Sugiyou, Tan Sock Fong and Manjeet Shergill, as well as other award-winning artists like France+Singapore Photography Art Awards winner Tan Haur, and UOB Painting of the Year (Abstracts) winner Valerie Ng. Also in the house are up and coming young artists Lee Ruixiang, Amanda Soon and Daryl Goh who were part of Pulse, an exhibition by young, emerging and unknown artists which we hosted last year. We have shown prominent regional artists Suklu, Stefan Buana, and Huda Fauzan, and international names – Brazilian-born Deusa Blumke and Turkish-born Naz Kaya.

Our Singaporean artists stand on par with their foreign counterparts with equally astounding and high quality works of art. This is something we have known, and passionately promoted to the public. Our collection became more eclectic with the inclusion of works by international artists who share our philosophy in creating dialogue across cultures, thus adding to a more vibrant interplay of works at our art space. Marketing both local and international talents, we have created a unique hub for art lovers and collectors, both Singaporeans and our international guests.

Art & Community

Much research has shown how art encapsulates the culture and heritage of a nation, thus providing much nourishment for the soul. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) states on their website that “the arts form the foundation of our culture.”

“Arts events and exhibitions can help to stimulate and promote a keener appreciation and understanding of the cultural and aesthetic values of life.” This was spoken by my late father, Mr Sha’ari Tadin (Senior Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Culture), while opening an art exhibition at the National Library in the 70’s.

Thus on top of exhibitions, Maya Gallery engages with the community with ARTSaturdays, where families, visitors and even tourists get to enjoy batik painting, craft making and seeing our artists at work. Aspiring artists can sign up for art lessons mentored by our resident artists. Even the man on the street can try his hand at creating his own art piece.

On a professional level, we conduct artist residency programmes where the selected artists gain an opportunity to dialogue with other artists, and immerse in an environment conducive to new ideas. Our first residency in Bali last year was followed by The Journey, an exhibition by participating as well as Balinese artists, which was well received.

The Maya Gallery ARTSPACE, located at Emily Hill, is not only a  haven for our resident artists to create new works in a relaxed, spacious  environment. It is also a venue for our art programmes and workshops for corporates, groups, students and individuals wanting to get their hands dirty and creative with art.

Upholding a social responsibility, we have collaborated with various parties on a number of projects througout 2012:

  • Confidence-building sessions through art appreciation for students from underprivileged families, as part of MENDAKI’s social and educational programmes for boys;
  • Partnering with Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) in their Art Auction at the Ritz Carlton, where proceeds were donated to their fundraising efforts to enhance their student care services for all races and religion;
  • Participating in Standard Chartered’s Charity Auction, where proceeds from artworks go to the ‘Seeing is Believing’ foundation for the visually-impaired;
  • Curating an exhibition which includes a successful Silent Art Auction for MENDAKI’s 30th Anniversary Commemorative Dinner at the Shangri-La (graced by PM Lee), with proceeds going to the Ridzwan Dzafir Scholarship for outstanding individuals to further their post-graduate studies.
  • Being part of MENDAKI’s Project Protégé, where Maya Gallery director Jeffrey Wandly became Mentor and community icon in the field of Gallery Management. The positive outcome was Pulse, organized by his Protégé and fellow finalists – an exhibition and platform for young and emergent artists from the various art schools to further their artistic careers.

Moving forward, our second year will see us promoting our local artists in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Also in the pipeline are solo exhibitions by Singaporean artists and overseas collaborations. Our art programmes and music performances will also be part of several national initiatives.

éncore! celebrates this diversity and friendship via a collective exhibition by 30 local and international artists, some of whom have exhibited with us, while the rest are new to the gallery. We are happy to show you their works, mostly recent. Through their art, they share their stories, yet open to your interpretation.

My husband Jeffrey and I, and the Maya Gallery family, are honoured to have Mdm Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament, as our GOH for our first anniversary. We thank Pak Iskandar for his sound critique and pushing us to be better than we are. We are inspired by, and grateful to, Culinary Consultant and Author Ms Aziza Ali for her invaluable advice and creating a uniquely Asian mocktail specially for Maya Gallery – the ‘Mas Maya’. Thanks to Mediacorp, Suria and the team from ‘Cinta Kek’ for baking us a gastronomical treat to commemorate this special occasion. May this be the first of many more years of our friendship!

To everyone, we truly appreciate your presence and support. Do enjoy the spread, the conversations, the company, and the art. Bon appetit!

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