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Keronchong Seribu Satu Malam
@Malay CultureFest
21-22 Sep 2013

Batik Painting
@Malay CultureFest
Sep 2013

8-9 June 2013


'Live' Portraits
Batik Painting
Glass Accessories Making


Art is Fun!
Aspiring Artist

Art Masterclass
Corporate Art Retreats

creARTe brochure
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For enquiries on our ART programmes, please call
+65 6291 1760 or email to


"Let's get arty!"

Maya Gallery’s plate of activities and programmes bring both artists and art lovers together to appreciate art in its many forms, in a fun and relaxed setting!

Having art-making a part of your child's life will allow him/her to appreciate art and its creative process. This enables the child to express his/her feelings better and be more articulate in his/her conversations with others. Our parent-child activities are also great for bonding, thus improving family relationships.

Older children and young teens with a strong interest in art can enhance their knowledge and skills through our art courses. For those who would like to pursue further in art education, they can attend our masterclass session, where students get to present their art folios, and receive honest critique and invaluable feedback on their work by the master artist.

Incorporating ART in the office encourages creativity, increased communication and cooperation amongst the staff. We can work with you on your corporate art retreats, which can be customised according to your needs.

Our gallery space is also ideal for your corporate or social event, from book launches, parties to workshops.

Download cre[ART]e, our programmes brochure here.

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