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Go Market 2017

December 14-17, 2017 – EXTENDED till December 31, 2017

Go Market

Go Market is back for its 2nd run! This time as an ART edition and weekend ART sale! Get fabulous artworks, limited edition art prints and pottery at affordable prices. The Art Sale has been extended till 31 December!

Life Drawing

December 2, 2017

Life Drawing

Come join us as we kickoff our first Life Drawing art jamming! Open to all. Please bring your own sketchbook and art materials. Free light refreshments on the house!

Bonding with Batik Painting

November 25, 2017

Bonding with Batik Painting

Join us for an arty Saturday afternoon, and try your hands at batik painting! Come individually or as a pair – parent & child, siblings, friends, or even in groups. You will learn the process of batik painting from our experienced batik art instructor, and get to take your art home!

Go Market – Art & Design Flea Market

August 27, 2016

Go Market

Maya Gallery invites you to our inaugural edition of Go Market – our very own art & design flea market where you can get handmade crafts and jewellery, well designed stationery, home-made bakes and kuih-kuih, books (including preloved), art and limited prints, and more!

Creative Malay Arts & Culture - APA KATA? What Say You?

April 9 & 23, May 14, 2016

Apa Kata? What Say You?

Creative Malay Arts & Culture (CMAC) invites you to 'An Urban Malay Dialogue', at Maya Gallery. This dialogue aims to bring together arts and cuture activists to share their thoughts on the current development of Malay culture in a cosmopolitan society. RSVP

Book Club with Azlan M Said

May 7, 2016

Book Club with Maria Mahat

Join author Maria Mahat as she speaks about why she chose Haji Lane to tell the story of one girl's search for her life's vocation and true love in Maria's debut novella, The Truth Seekers @ Haji Lane. A surprise element awaits in this session, so do join us! RSVP PDF | FB

Book Club – Publish Your Story

April 16, 2016

Publish Your Story: So you wrote a book, what's next?

The journey from scribblings of a story to a published book is not as straightforward as it looks. Let this workshop shed some light on how to publish your story successfully, with accomplished author-publishers Hidayah Amin and Maria Mahat, and book designer Masturah Sha'ari.

Book Club with Azlan M Said

June 28, 2014

Book Club with Azlan M Said

Reminisce Malaya’s music scene, and rediscover the groundbreaking artistes who shaped Malay music heritage within the last century, with Azlan Mohd Said, author of "Musika". Chill out with nostalgic music by Amatchan & friends.

Book Club with Aziza Ali

May 31, 2014

Book Club with Aziza Ali

Feast your eyes with culinary expert, author and artist Aziza Ali who has amassed more than 30 years of experience in the F&B industry, and recognised for opening the first Malay fine dining restaurant. Come meet this extraordinary author of "Sambal Days Kampung Cuisine", who will dish out a healthy snack and present her works of art!

Book Club with Aziza Ali

Mar 29, 2014

Book Club with Hidayah Amin

Get to know about the mango tree and its significance at this interactive session. Let author Hidayah Amin take you on plant-astic discovery of new words, familial culture and the importance of preserving nature and our heritage through acting, drawings and imagination.



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