Elina Romanova

1998 , Russia

Elina Romanova, a Russian-born abstract artist, currently resides in Singapore, where her artistry flourished since relocating in 2014. Her childhood fascination with nature inspires her work and has deeply influenced her personal and artistic evolution. Elina's formal art training in Russia underpins her self-guided exploration and devotion to painting. Recently, she's embraced the compelling world of abstract art, where she explores the human psyche and mental landscapes. This exploration, her main artistic commitment, allows her to observe human existence and ponder significant existential themes.

Artist Statement

"Process of Searching I, a monochrome work in acrylic and alcohol ink on canvas, visually interprets "Homeland" through the lens of personal evolution. Its textured landscape encompasses a horizon and water, bathed in reflective light, suggesting a realm of possibilities. The painting captures the fluidity of early identity, mirroring the transition from liquid to solid. It represents our journey of self-discovery and the varied paths towards understanding who we are - our 'home' within. Its ambiguity invites multiple interpretations, as our perception of 'home' is as diverse as the viewers themselves.”

Process of Searching I
Acrylic, alcohol inks on canvas
60 x 60 cm