Margarita Buttenmueller

-0001 , Russia

Margarita Buttenmueller is a Singapore-based artist. She paints contemporary landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits in oil and acrylic medium. Originally from Russia, she also lived in Germany, Singapore, UK, USA, and now she is based in Singapore again for the second time. She started painting in 2012 for fun and went to different art schools everywhere she lived. In 2016 Margarita gave up her career in marketing and BD to become a full time artist. She participated in several exhibitions in New York and Singapore, and has been selling paintings to private collectors from all over the world. Margarita loves exploring different painting techniques and art mediums, which is why some of her artworks are done in different styles.

Artist Statement

“Having lived abroad for 15 years makes you question what a homeland is. I chose to depict the place where I grew up and where my parents still live. As a contrast to where I live now (hot tropical country), I've decided to paint my homeland at winter time. It's also something I don't happen to experience a lot. Blue shades of the painting reflect the melancholic feeling I experience when thinking of my parents and my homeland. The technique is contemporary fine art with elements of impressionism.”

My Homeland
Oil on canvas
61 x 76 cm