Swati Singh

1984 , India

Swati Singh is an abstract expressionist painter who takes inspiration from the tropical landscape in Singapore. The endless possibilities of color, texture, shape, and the orderliness in the seeming disorderliness of nature find a voice in her work through the use of acrylic and mixed media on canvas and paper. Her art practice is exploratory, yet defined by a process. The compositions unfold in layers of vivid colors and abstract forms, capturing the delicate balance and the infinite possibilities that define natural surroundings and human emotions. She has been trained at NAFA, Singapore. Her paintings have been part of several exhibitions, and have found their way into collectors' homes around the world.

Artist Statement

“In This Moment is an abstract expressionist work inspired by the tropical landscape of Singapore, my home for over a decade. Home that is not defined by four walls, but a place where I can laugh without hesitation, and cry without being judged. A place where I seek tranquility in the turmoil of life. It is the same balance I try to achieve in this painting through the use of acrylic paint where the vibrant colours reflect the joys of life, while the subdued tones represent our occasional melancholies, all brought together in consonance reflective of the tropical rainforest.”

In This Moment 
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
76 x 76 cm