Wendy Mack

1993 , Singapore

Wendy Mack (b.1993, Singapore) is an artist, author, and educator that treats her craft as a continual expansion of consciousness, and draws inspiration and understanding of the human psyche from her direct observations and experiences with mother nature. These records that emerge from her processes largely takes the form of paintings and prints. She launched The Curious Forager Project with Sainouspace, and also produced two short films with RAW Moves as a resident artist. She also has a BA (Hons) in Arts Management accredited by Goldsmiths, and a diploma in Digital Design with 3DSense Media School.

Artist Statement

“The Homeland is experienced through fluctuations, with change as the constant. Ultimately, the memories of how man interprets the home is through personal memories, particularly those centred the everyday. These forms printed are residual images of discarded vegetable peels of a residential kitchen, carefully hand-pressed with oil-based ink on a hand-made gelatine plate. Ultimately how we perceive what home is to us, comes from recognising what we are not before discovering who we are. There are moments of success and disappointments - troughs and peaks - experienced in waves and cycles.”

When The Tide Arises
Gelatine oil based print on cartridge paper
50 x 50 cm