Nguyen Hoang Dung

1995 , Vietnam

“Each artist is on a quest of searching for a visual language that expresses their personality and covers various meanings. For me, the recurring motif and visual form of a “ladder” is central to most of my creations. While the ladder is mainly perceived as a bridge between floors, to me, its meaning passes beyond that simple definition. A Ladder is the symbolic object that connects people to people, real-life stories to myths and fantasies, stories on earth and stories in heaven.  I am currently working on a semi-abstract painting style, which is visually simple and concise.”

Artist Statement

Huu Nghi: Singapore & Vietnam 50-10 Exhibition

"“Like A Child” narrates a journey undertaken by my son and me to the park, where we played every day. I have numerous cherished memories of this, such as the slides, swings, and playing in the sand with other children. They played joyfully, embodying the essence of “enjoying every moment like a child.” Their playfulness was uninhibited, as if there was no tomorrow. That’s the essence of it all!

Since around 2018, after graduating, I’ve adopted this serialized approach to my art but this is the first time I’ve painted a series of more than four pieces simultaneously. Arranging the small pieces to form a larger whole is not only fascinating but also incredibly challenging — achieving simplicity and refined details simultaneously! I enjoy painting as if I’m creating a film, so each small piece is like a frame from a particular scene. It’s like a short film of childhood within the realm of imagination.“

Like a child
(Series of 6 small paintings) 
Oil on canvas
120 x 180 cm