Duong Manh Quyet

1990 , Vietnam

“My artistic practice aims to permeate the setting with my inner feelings and at the same time, oozing out a sense of minuscule loneliness into the suppressed outside world. I try to bring out my inner emotions and project them onto the environment, blend them into space and enmesh them with the utilized subject matters.”

Artist Statement

Huu Nghi: Singapore & Vietnam 50-10 Exhibition

The image of boat racing is a distinctive cultural aspect of nations closely associated with rivers and waters, and Vietnam and Singapore are no exceptions as these two countries share this unique cultural feature. Boat Racing serves as a symbol of the national unity spirit in the historical development of both nations, representing the efforts and endeavours to seek favourable conditions and harmony, aiming for the best for their communities.

Together on the same boat 
Pigments on Vietnamese Do paper
70 x 140 cm