Ha Chau Bao Nhi

1995 , Vietnam

Ha Chau Bao Nhi is a Vietnamese visual artist. Her artistic practice explores Vietnamese spirituality and culture. Nhi hopes her work will change people's perceptions of suffering and tragedy, prompting questions about identity and spirituality to convey empathy for the horror of the past. 

Artist Statement

Huu Nghi: Singapore & Vietnam 50-10 Exhibition

A Fusion of Singaporean and Vietnamese SceneryThis piece comprises two layers of silk printing, each depicting an aspect of the artist's connection to Singapore and Vietnam. The first layer captures the artist's view from her apartment in Singapore, offering a glimpse into this vibrant city's urban and cultural essence. The second layer, in contrast, presents a scene from Nhi's hometown in Vietnam. This layer encapsulates the artist's roots, the familiar surroundings of their upbringing, and a profound sense of home. When these two layers are thoughtfully stacked upon each other within the artwork, they create a visually captivating and symbolically rich representation of the enduring friendship between Singapore and Vietnam.

The Harmony of Lion and Dragon: An Interactive Art ExperienceThe artwork seeks to celebrate the cultural exchange between Singapore and Vietnam through a generative art installation that transforms the iconic images of the lion (a symbol of Singapore) and dragon (a symbol of Vietnam) into abstract, digital representations. The movement of the viewer, captured through sensors, serves as the input for the generative art program, which uses algorithms to transform and blend the images in real time. The artwork aims to create an immersive, interactive experience that engages the audience in a visual dialogue about Singapore and Vietnam’s shared heritage and cultural connections.

The daily life of both countriesWhile pursuing a Master's in Fine Arts in Singapore, Nhi had the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse cultures of Singapore, with a particular focus on culinary traditions. The calico book presented here is, in essence, a personal culinary journal. It visually encapsulates the intriguing distinctions and remarkable similarities between these two cultures' foods. Moreover, it is a tribute to the profound connections that emerged around shared meals and conversations.

Daily life in both countries
Calico fabric 
18 x 26 cm 
A Fusion of Singaporean and Vietnamese Scenery
Watercolour on silk 
60 x 80 cm 
The Harmony of Lion and Dragon: An Interactive Art Experience
Video art (Programing, PC & webcam) 
16 x 33 cm