Husin Othman

1987 , Perak, Malaysia

Graduated in 2013 with a honours degree in Fine Art from UiTM Malaysia, Husin Othman is a young emerging Malaysian artist that is slowly gaining recognition within the local arts scene. 

His artistic talent is clear, skilful techniques and thorough understanding of figuration marks his works noteworthy amongst his peers. From the villages in outskirts of Perak, Malaysia, young Husin Othman was often running freely at play with his 7 siblings. Rekindling his sweet childhood memories, he showcases works of the Malaysian lifestyle that are now sometimes forgotten, drawing emotions and understanding from his Malaysian identity and Malay culture. 

Husin Othman won the Highly Commended Award in the Established Artist category at the 2018 UOB Painting of the Year Malaysia. In 2014, he was awarded the Most Promising Artist of the Year in the Emerging Artist category.

Artist Statement
Karya-karya ini dilihat sebagai dokumentari kehidupan yang megimbau kenangan-kenangan silam untuk tatapan pengunjung. Bagaimanapun, saya cuba untuk menyesuaikan dengan era kontemporari bagi mencerminkan perubahan tempoh masa yang berlaku. Keistimewaan karya kali ini adalah mengenai identiti masyarakat Malaysia yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum.

My works can be depicted as a live documentation of looking back at old memories for the viewer. But I try to make it contemporary to reflect the changes in time. I make them special as it allows one to know the Malaysian identity which comprises a multitude of races.     

Juara No. 1 (Champion)
Acrylic on canvas
135 x 135 cm
Gores dan Kena (Scratch and Win)
Acrylic on canvas
152 x 122 cm
Humor Kota Raya (Kota Raya Bus Depot)
Acrylic on canvas
155 x 122 cm
Meja Warung (Coffeeshop)
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
75 x 75 cm
Pesta Token
Acrylic on canvas
152 x 244 cm