1978 , France

D’Gers (b. 1978, France) studied "Beaux Arts" in France and moved to Singapore six years ago. With over 18 years of international experience in roles such as marketing manager and events director, she has developed a unique art concept focused on sustainability, using recycled materials for creativity. She has created a strong eco-brand to introduce art into everyone's daily life, working on commissions, murals, and workshops. D'Gers' objective is to improve communities' mental health by helping individuals enhance emotions, explore self-expression, cope with stress, and boost self-esteem through practicing or appreciating art.

Artist Statement

Game of Shapes - represents a montage expressing my feelings by discovering Singapore and its texture, lights, reflections, forms, walking around different neighbourhoods.
Walking Chinatown - Chinatown is one of my favorite spot. This is an abstract representation based on the taller buildings and the complexity of its architecture. This outlook focuses on Business, to edify the success of Singapore owing to the amazing merchants who first set foot and to this day still run their stalls or businesses in old Chinatown.
Celebration - SG Nation’s wide range of cultures, ethnicities and religions living harmoniously as one people. One quickly feels at home in such a tolerant community.

Mixed media
30 x 30cm
Game of Shapes
Mixed media 
28 x 33 cm