Intan Junadi

-0001 , Singapore

Intan Junadi's art is characterized by layers of motifs hidden within patterns, borders, margins, arches and structures of a finely elaborated illumination. While digital art is her main choice of medium, illumination i.e. decorative elements within manuscripts, the traditional art form, is her visual language in which stories are woven in.

Artist Statement

The intent of this artwork is to form a love story of prayer and hope. In many Islamic cultures including the Malay world, motifs and patterns are traditionally non-representational of any element. This artwork pushes the boundaries by hiding elements within the structures of the illumination. Each element is pegged to a narrative with the main narrative gravitating towards the invocation of the Air Selusuh. The process of making Air Selusuh involves one, commonly the husband of the expectant mother, to gently and softly recite the prayer over water. In this artwork, a soft male voice delivering the prayer overlays the video.

Air Selusuh – A Love Story
Digital Print (with video link to animated illumination))
21 x 29.7 cm