Jaslin Poh

1972 , Singapore

Jaslin Poh (b. 1972, Singapore) began as a graphic designer and is now the co-founder of 3Arts Ceramic Studio. Since 2018, she has been working as a full-time ceramic instructor. With a goal to share her experiences with the local community, she participates and organizes annual Anagama Wood Firing Workshops in Tokoname, Japan.

3Arts has collaborated with Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2019, the Japanese Pottery Mentorship Workshop 2020, as well as the Tokoname Wood Firing Exhibition: Playing with Fire at Visual Art Center in 2020. Her most recent exhibitions include Ceramics Expressions (5th Edition): Celebrating Women Artists at Mulan Gallery and Magnificence Once More with The Federation of Art Societies.

Artist Statement

Jaslin Poh is a ceramicist who specializes in integrating wheel-thrown forms with hand-building techniques. She studies the characteristics of her clay materials to bring out their distinctive qualities in sculptural and functional forms. Her interest lies in experimenting with varied firing methods such as raku firing, pit firing and wood firing, which produces unpredictable finishing effects.

Her current body of work is a series of semi-porcelain sculptures with cutouts that enhance the curvature of the clay body. The neck of her vases mimics the delicate edges of collars to capture the softness of cloth, reflecting a sense of calmness and timeless elegance. The forms are simplified with large surfaces to draw attention to different finishings such as chun blue glaze, horse hair raku and gas firing wood ash.

Lady in Jade II
Porcelain (gas fired)
22 x 15 x 15 cm
Lady in Jade III
Porcelain (gas fired)
19 x 15 x 15 cm