Lee Shen Lung

1972 , Taiwan

Lee Shen Lung (b. 1972, Taiwan) is a passionate ceramist. She is currently a full-time ceramic artist at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. She also teaches ceramics as an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Shen holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois (USA) and a Bachelor of Science in Ceramics from University of Evansville, Indiana (USA). Shen emphasises her works not only being functional but also visual appealing. Most of her works are functional ware which are made from pottery wheel.

Artist Statement

Clay is like a human being to me. I like spinning clay on the wheel. In my work, there are variation of lines where long and short, straight and curvy, symbolises the different challenges we face in our life. The different form of lines remind us to be flexible and resourceful in finding solutions to overcome the challenges. The process of glazing is like putting on clothing for the ceramic. Glazing can be a simple or complex process; the colours used can be bright or dark, loud or soft, like how we dress to suit the time, place and occasion.

Line Series – Basket
D12.5 x H21 cm
Intertwined in Line Series
D12 x H14.5 cm