Mona Malhotra

1973 , India

Mona Malhotra (b. 1973, India) is a Ceramic Artist based in Singapore. Born and brought up in Delhi, exposure to vast and vibrant culture of India was prevalent for her. A diploma holder in Textile Design and Printing Technology, she was closely involved with the local artisans in Delhi. Travels outside her home country gave her the opportunity to observe different cultures and diverse society. She chose clay as medium of creativity in 2008. Her belief in “Knowledge grows when shared”, she became freelance pottery instructor. Today, she is the co-owner of pottery studio passionately sharing her knowledge to a wider community.

Artist Statement

Originating from Sanskrit. Ishika is a mode of expression. Ishi also translates to a rock in Japanese and ka is a representation of a question mark. In Egyptian culture Ka is a spiritual entity along with a soul that survives after death. Since early times, Stupas have been made by placing pebbles on top of each other. They have been a focus of devotion, patience and creating balance. Each rock signifies an intention of thankfulness and positivity. It is like meditating on impermanence and creating a state of union with the environment. So, Is Ishi-ka just a rock or something beyond quest to explore and experience Zen.

“May I live like a lotus at ease in muddy waters”. The lotus flower is a cherished symbol across multiple cultures. In some ways, the journey of a lotus is said to mirror out our own spiritual journey because of its unique transformation as it makes way out of muddy waters to bloom beautifully in Sun. Padmakumbh is a representation of the beauty within ourselves like a lotus flower.

Stoneware clay, ash glaze, glass, gold leaf (gas-fired)
28 x 28 x 30 cm
Stoneware and earthenware clay, acrylic gold (electric-fired)
30 x 30 x 19 cm