Ali Shazali

1997 , Malaysia

Ali Shazali is an architect from Kuala Lumpur with experience as an Executive in Design and Planning at a corporate company of retail business. Previously he has worked as an Assistant Architect at different architecture consultant firms in Malaysia. Ali holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Manchester School of Architecture and completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Kolej MARA Seremban. 

His artistic journey is driven by a deep fascination with the rhythmic forms and repetitive lines of nature, which he believes are fundamental to architecture. Through his "Ray of God" series, Ali explores the creative potential of natural light, captivating viewers with the interplay of shadow and illumination. His aim is to create artworks that reflect the local culture, showcasing diverse patterns and materials that encapsulate the architectural heritage of each region. Ali's art breaks boundaries, revealing the beauty of architectural design and the wonders of the natural world.

Artist Statement

“Terhalang Series” depicts the contemporary issues of construction development in Malaysia context which are deemed as obtrusive and unsustainable in many ways. A golden river flowing in between valleys and landscapes symbolises the potential of economic values it could bring to more deserving people of the homeland. However, it is blocked by monstrous land projections, cut and filled with rubbish and unnatural substances which bring no value, but only soulless and empty meaning to the locals.”

Terhalang I
Wood and gold mirror
35 x 35 cm