Babita Sridhar

-0001 , India

Babita Sridhar is an abstract realist artist based in Singapore, whose work is a reflection of her innermost emotions and experiences. She has participated in multiple exhibitions locally and is constantly pursuing her dream of expression though art. Vivid colours and gestural brushstrokes with an emphasis on spontaneity is her invitation to push boundaries constantly and to continuously experiment and explore. Her bold compositions inspired by contemporary themes showcase an evolving art form which conform to no specific order or structure. She seeks to bring joy and warmth to viewers and to envision themselves in the vibrant subjects that she paints.

Artist Statement

“Reflections of Home is my artistic expression of Singapore as my Homeland. Being here since about two decades now, water and the greenery I see around myself transports me to the feeling of being one with nature reminding me of my hometown in Kerala. The still waters of MacRitchie Reservoir with dense trees around are depicted with loose brushstrokes with the play of light against the shadows conveying the feeling of tranquillity. The reflection has been purposefully made imperceptible indicating the stillness that these deep waters carry within, much like me with my deep rooted sense of belonging.”

Reflections of Home
Acrylic, pastel, oil on canvas
66 x 66 cm