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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Buffel Art Project: Artistic Vibes

Jeffrey Wandly, 50, and Masturah Sha'ari, 45, Founders of Maya Gallery —

Q: You are both founders of Maya Gallery and are greatly involved in other art-related businesses too. Do your kids have similar artistic inclinations? 
Jeff: Art is part of our lives and it's been with us since we were kids. When you do art, your world view changes and we like to encourage that for our kids too. Whenever we go overseas, we'll definitely bring a bag of art supplies, so they can doodle and sketch when they feel inspired. 

Q: You do illustrations in your free time and have even published a book. Is that something we'll be seeing in your creation? 
Mas: I did illustrations of origami animals in a children's book that was published. I'm thinking of using this same 3-D technique for the bull sculpture. There'll be bright colours and origami effects, but instead of crayon, I may go for acrylic, which probably works better for the material of the sculpture. You could see it as an extension of my illustration works. 

Q: Mas says you're a frills-free kind of guy and that you like to ukeep things simple". So what do you think of the bag that our stylist has picked out for you today? 
Jeff: (Laughs) She's right, I'm the rugged type and I usually carry a haversack, but I can potentially see myself using this bag on a daily basis. It's pretty capacious and sturdy - I can put my gallery brochures and files in it while keeping it sleek and presentable. And I like that it has a strong blue shade, which is quite fashionable. 


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Artistic Vibes
German Label Braun Buffel has commissioned forty artists and designers to work on the brand's iconic bull sculptures for its inaugural charity art initiative, Buffel Art Project. We speak to four of them and find out what inspires them.

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