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Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Maya Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary

Maya celebrates its 10th anniversary with an art exhibition! Entitled Heart and Soul, it will feature works by selected prominent Singapore Malay artists: Dr. Iskandar Jalil, Sarkasi Said, Idris Ali, Aziza Ali, Jeffrey Wandly and Masturah Sha’ari. Covering ceramics, paintings and batik artworks, the exhibition will run from 15th to 30th November 2022, at Maya Gallery.

Heart and Soul exemplifies Maya Gallery's dedication in promoting both local and international artists since 2012, when it was officially opened by Ms Janice Koh, then Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) for the Arts. For the past 10 years, Maya Gallery has held close to 80 exhibitions here and abroad, by more than 100 artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Turkey and the United States. Artists include Cultural Medallion recipients Dr. Iskandar Jalil, Sarkasi Said and Chng Seok Tin; Hadiah Warisan (Heritage Award) recipient Idris Ali; and UOB Painting of the Year winner (Bronze) Valerie Ng. It continues to support emerging artists, as well as promising talents.

Upholding a social responsibility, Maya Gallery engages the public in creating an awareness and appreciation of visual arts, offering workshops, learning journeys, art activities and corporate art retreats to promote team-building and bonding for corporate organisations, institutions and groups. It provides art mentoring with young professionals and youth, initiating creative activities for the community. It works with charities to help them in their fund-raising efforts through the curation of art exhibitions for auctions. It has designed and published catalogues and produced music performances, as well as hosted book clubs and film screenings.

Maya Gallery was voted as one of the Top 10 Art Galleries in Singapore by (2018). It was awarded Recommended Favourite Art Gallery at the Expat Living Reader Awards (2015) and Best Asian Contemporary Art Gallery of the Year by National Critics Choice (2014).