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Thursday, 16 March 2023

Small Matter – An Exhibition of Small Works


Small Matter is an exhibition of small works, on view from March 18 through April 18, 2023. The exhibition will show a diverse collection of work by close to 50 artists in Singapore, feature a wide range of styles and mediums, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital art and ceramics.

Participating artists: Abu Jalal Sarimon, Anjum Motiwala, Aparna Chakravarty, Azri Alwi, Dana Goh, Danielle Siauw, Danielle Poon, Dgers, Dino Hafian, Dominic Thian, Edmund Low, Erzan Adam, Faith Fadilah Ali, Fazelah Abas, Grace See, Hiroko Mita, Idris Ali, Iffah Qistina, Intan Junadi, Irina Forrester, Jaleela Niaz, Jaslin Poh, Jeffrey Wandly, Jessica Tan, Karto, Kassim Bachik, Kavita Issar Batra, Kee, Lee Shen Lung, Masturah Sha’ari, Mona Malhotra, Nancy Noe, OUTSIDER, Pooja Bhusari, Rajul Shah, Rosihan Dahim, Saiman Ismail, Salleh Japar, Samantha Redfern, Sangeeta Charan, Sarbani Bhattacharya, Shih Chin, Shirin Rafie, Sim Jiayan, Stephanie Burridge, Toh Kiam Hock, and Yeo Jian Long.

From intricate paintings to delicate sculptures, our aim is to showcase how the smallest of artworks can come together to create something truly remarkable. Each piece may be small, but mighty in its own way; each work represents a unique perspective and creative vision. Don’t miss the chance to support our local artists and experience the magic of small art!

When: 18 Mar - 18 Apr 2023
Opening with Artists: March 18, 3–5pm
Venue: Maya Gallery, 57 Genting Lane #05-00, Singapore 349564
Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 12–6 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 12–5 pm