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Saturday, 5 August 2023



Explore the essence of home at our exhibition of contemporary landscapes

Maya Gallery presents Homeland, an exhibition that explores the concept of home and belonging through contemporary landscapes. This diverse showcase features talented artists from Singapore and beyond, expressing their unique perspectives through paintings, photography, digital art, and mixed media. Viewers are invited to delve into the changing perceptions of home in today’s world. The artworks evoke a range of emotions, capturing nostalgia, displacement, and a profound sense of place and belonging. The exhibition encourages you to contemplate the multifaceted connections and cultural experiences that shape our notions of home.

ARTISTS: Ali Shazali, Anjum Motiwala, Anna Bogushevskaya, Aparna Chakravarty, Babita Sridhar, Danielle Siauw, Datin Elaine Chew, Elina Romanova, Idris Ali, Jaleela Niaz, Jeffrey Wandly, Juliana Lima, Kadra Kelly, Lee Hon Kit, Margarita Buttenmueller, Masturah Sha’ari, Megha Nema, Rosihan Dahim, Sangeeta Charan, Stephanie Burridge, Swati Singh, Teena Raju, Teo Shih Chin, Terence Tan, Wendy Mack, Yeo Jian Long, Yusoff Abdul Latiff

When: 5–18 August 2023
Opening with Artists: August 5th, 3–5pm
Venue: Maya Gallery, 57 Genting Lane #05-00, Singapore 349564
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12–6 pm