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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Encouraging collaborations


Maya+Barrack, on view at Maya Gallery from July 18 through August 1 (now extended to August 17), 2012, is a collaboration between Indonesian artists from Barrack Art, Stefan Buana and Stefan Buana and Singaporean artists. Buana, one of Jogjakarta's prominent contemporary artists, and founder of Barrack Art, is known for his innovative and symbolic paintings, and his six Barrack artists – Alif AF, Ahmed Zafli, Bayu W., Harlen Kurniawan, Rully Rahim, and Wira Purnama – will show works that explore their artistic journey and the understanding of their place in the midst of social, economic and global issues. Sunar Sugiyou, Maya Gallery's resident artist of Javanese descent and one of Singapore's established artists, has created numerous works that explore his Javanese roots even with the use of Chinese brush painting. Together with other Singaporean artists Rosihan Dahim, Jeffrey Wandly and Sufian Hamri, this collaborative group exhibition offers opportunities for young artists to showcase their works by placing them with experienced artists, and in the process encourage further friendships and creative collaborations.

Asia Art NewsJuly/August 2012