One Soul, Two Voices

November 18, 2011 - November 20, 2011

There is a Malay saying, Ke mana jatuhnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi? (Where else would the gravy fall onto, if not on the rice?”) which refers to the commonly held belief that artistic talents often run in a family.  This special showcase is testimony to that.

An exhibition showcasing the talent of two generations, a father and son.  

The father,  Wandly Yazid (1925-2005)  is one the pioneers in the Malay music scene. He was a musician, composer, arranger and music director during the golden age of the Singapore film and music industry. His works have formed the soundtracks to some of the greatest classic Malay movies produced in the South East Asian Region. The multi talented prodigy showed his genius throughout his career, composing pop music to playing classical music on the clarinet, piano, violin and saxophone. He was also a visual artist who painted with watercolours. 

His son, Jeffrey Wandly, an architect by training, has an impressive property development portfolio and, is also an artist and musician and artist.  Recently, he has also embarked on an artistic journey and lovingly captured the unique character and identity of the heritage landmarks of Singapore, including  Sultan Mosque and Hajjah Fatimah Mosque.

For the first time, this exhibition will provide a glimpse of the life and times of this prolific composer and artist, featuring some of his original scores and photos taken during the studio recordings at the Cathay Keris recording studios. This private collection has been lovingly curated by his son, Jeffrey Wandly. 

The exhibition will also showcase Jeffrey’s Heritage Sketches. 

One Soul, Two Voices (Satu Jiwa, Dua Suara)
(Launch : 18 Nov, 5. 30 pm; 19 & 20 Nov : 10 am – 6.30 pm)  Free Admission

Musical Showcase
Wandly Medley by Maya Quartet 
(20 Nov 2011; 6.00 pm) Free Admission

Enjoy the music of this musical genius  with the special music arrangement by Jeffrey Wandly and friends.

The Artist