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Yang Maha Pemurah
Hamidon Ahmed

Yang Maha Pemurah (The Most Giving)

Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm

Hamidon Ahmed is a prolific, versatile and award-winning artist, and visual communications design specialist. He holds a Certificate in Creative Arts from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. His works explore and comment on his multicultural milieu in various medium and artistic styles. Each work echoes the psyche and souls of his subject matters. From colourful culture to serene landscapes, from unsung heroes to grandeur nature, Hamidon records the intrinsic impact of these happenings around him in each work. His exciting works are included in the art collection of various private and corporations including Royal Kedah Museum, Chief Minister Perak Gallery, Darul Ridzuan Museum, Perak Art Foundation, Perak Foundation, Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and Terengganu Museum.

Hamidon has received many accolades and prestigious awards such as Best Painting for National Creative Art Awards Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), KL (1997), 1st Prize in Muar Town Council Logo Competition (2001), 2nd Prize in Khidmat Negara Logo (2003), Consolation in Citra Terengganu Open Art Show (2005) and Best Jury Selection in a Portrait Competition, 1MCAT (2012). In addition, his creative and artistic touches in visual communication design are much sought after by corporate, agencies and event organisers like National Museum Day International 2015 (Malaysia), Perak Tourism, Muar Council, Gabungan Pelukis Se-Malaysia, Perak Artists Association, Kumpulan Dakwah Islamiah and more.

After almost three decades, Hamidon continues to produce exciting works and provide mentorship to the younger generation. In addition to creating art and doing commissioned work, Hamidon, who was the Founder and former President of Perak Artist Association, formerly known as Angkatan Pelukis Darul Ridzuan, continues to contribute to the industry as the Vice-President Alliance of Malaysian Artist Societies and Board Member of Perak Museum.

S$ 2500.00