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Girl with Fishbowl
Mohammad Tirani

Girl with Fishbowl

Acrylic on canvas
60 x 80 cm

Dr. Mohammad Tirani (b. 1977, Iran) began his art practice in 1995. He has a BA in Painting, MA in Visual Communication and New Media and PHD in Art and Design. Formerly an art lecturer at the Southern University in Johor for two years, he currently teaches Art and Design at the Raffles University Iskandar, Malaysia. Tirani has taken part in exhibitions in Iran and Malaysia as well as the Mail Art Group series in Malaysia, Greece, Italy and Canada. He has been representing and organizing Art and Cultural events in Malaysian galleries, Malaysia Art Expo and Biennale. He also published "Experiences, A Collection of Drawings by Mohammad Tirani" in 2005 in Iran. These artworks are related to the same theme of “Nostalgic Love”. Love in Persian mysticism is about consciousness, purity, and unity with truth of the world. 

Artist Statement
My works relate to the theme of “Nostalgic Love”. Love in Persian mysticism is about consciousness, purity, and unity and truth of the world. The major characters are passing by or searching, while their surroundings are filled with memories and emotional elements represented by dynamic forms, lines, and colour. The contrasting colours create a very emotional space which emphasises the desire for what they are looking for. Blue is dominant in all the works, keeping it nostalgic. There is also a combination of geometric (rational) and organic (emotional) shapes and forms to create a balance. These point to the consciousness of the subject in his/her emotional movement. I try to create a space with a focus on the inner world (purity) using flat shapes, colours and lack of perspective and shadows. The world that links to our desire knows where we come from and its struggle to find the meaning of life.   

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