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Once Upon A Place: 8 Singaporean Memoirs
Koh Gek Ling Emily, Lee Tzu Pheng Anne, Lee Seow Ser, Ng Sok Huang Charlene, Oon Sim Sim, Seah Hui Wen, Christine Tee, Yeo Hock Yew

Once Upon A Place: 8 Singaporean Memoirs

Design by Masturah Sha'ari

Foreword by Verena Tay

A ground-up Project by:
KOH Gek Ling Emily
LEE Tzu Pheng Anne
LEE Seow Ser
NG Sok Huang Charlene
OON Sim Sim
SEAH Hui Wen
Christine TEE
YEO Hock Yew

When does a space become a place? How do the places we inhabit shape our lived experiences and identities?

In Once Upon A Place: 8 Singaporean Memoirs, eight individuals from all walks of life share the stories of their places past and present found in different pockets of Singapore. These personal histories collectively unfold into a broader Singaporean narrative about landscapes that change with the passage of time.

Embark on an intimate journey of the heart as you delve into worlds lived, loved and lost, in this anthology.

ISBN 9789-811-84-482-9?
Helang Books, Singapore, 2022

S$ 18.00