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Into Soulscapes of Being
Sarah Sameera

Into Soulscapes of Being

by Sarah Sameera

A book to remember the essence of your being. 
A poetic journey right into the vast landscape of your own inner world. 
A celebration of the dark and the light, the falling and the rising, the breaking and the healing, the dreaming and becoming - and everything that comes in between. 
A reminder of the magnificence of that soul that lives in you. 

In her debut poetry collection, Sarah Sameera weaves together messages of empowerment and self-discovery into one moving piece of art that will nourish your heart and speak to your soul. Allow yourself to be cradled by words of healing and encouragement and drink in the inspiration that overflows from every page.

ISBN 9798841229391
Sarah Sameera, 2022

Edited by Yahaya Yahaya and Bacchi Being
Cover design by Sarah Sameera / Sarah Sanusi
Book design by Sarah Sameera / Sarah Sanusi
Photographs by Sarah Sameera / Sarah Sanusi

S$ 19.90