Kuih: From Apam to Wajik, a Pictorial Guide to Malay Desserts

by Hidayah Amin
Illustration by Jafri Janif
Design by Masturah Sha'ari, Maya Gallery

Encouraging a deeper cultural understanding of the diversity of Malay kuih, this illustrated guide of 120 Malay kuih will serve as "food for thought", sparking your interest to delve into an exciting world and discover the intricacies of the heritage food of the Malays.

ISBN 978-981-14-0704-8
Helang Books, Singapore, 2020

Foreword by Aziza Ali, Chef, Culinary Consultant, Author, Owner of Aziza's—Singapore's first Malay fine dining retaurant.
Supported by National Heritage Board, Singapore Bicentennial Office and Our SG Fund.


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