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Keronchong Seribu Satu Malam @Malay CultureFest 2013

The opportunity has come to showcase a musical journey that has been lost, forgotten in the eyes of globalisation, where pop and electronic music has taken its toll. At this present time and future, Maya Gallery aims to dedicate and pay tribute to the unsung heroes of keronchong, a form of traditional music, of those who have passed on and are still living.

As part of the Malay CultureFest organised by the Malay Heritage Centre (National Heritage Board), Maya Gallery presents “Keronchong Seribu Satu Malam” – a keronchong recital introducing a tapestry of talents from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The orchestra, featuring musicians from Wandly Yazid Orkestra (Singapore & West Sumatra), Orkes Keronchong Putrajaya (Malaysia) and Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (Aswara), will also be performing classic Malay songs from the 1960’s including several evergreen songs composed by the late Wandly Yazid.

Produced by Jeffrey Wandly (Maya Gallery), with music direction by Azmy Hassan (Singapore) and choreography by Hardie Pusako (West Sumatra), together with an amazing group of artistes – veteran singer Julio Sudiro, new sensations Jamilah Abu Bakar (Malaysia) and Frensia Ronita Harfi (West Sumatra), and guest artistes R Ismail, Momo Latiff and Dr Widyarman, the concert will be emceed by popular actor Hasnul Rahmat. Join us for an enthralling evening of song and dance!

Keronchong Seribu Satu Malam

September 21, 2013
8.30pm – 10pm

Admission: FREE

The ensemble will perform around Kampong Glam on September 22 at 2pm and 5pm.


About The Wandly Yazid Orkestra

The Wandly Yazid Orkestra comprises a dynamic group of music talents and enthusiasts who come together to celebrate and revive music composed by the late composer and arranger Wandly Yazid, who has contributed to the local music industry with his leadership and vision.
It is with the respect for his father’s achievements that Jeffrey Wandly revived the Wandly Yazid Orkestra in 2011. An architect by training and property development consultant by profession, Jeffrey played music as a child and during his school years, including varsity days. He plays the clarinet, piano, saxophone, piano and guitar occasionally.

As Producer of the Orkestra, Jeffrey selects and grooms the musicians, and directs the musical interpretation of the performance and rearrangement of his father’s compositions. Dynamic in nature, the Orkestra comprises musicians from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, reflecting the solidarity and confluence of talents from the region.

With a repertoire covering classical music and traditional Malay tunes, including keronchong, the audience will be allowed to revisit old classics with a refreshed and contemporary feel.

Managed by Maya Gallery, under the guidance its gallery director Jeffrey Wandly, the Orkestra has performed on various occasions, such as MENDAKI’s 30th Anniversary Commemorative Dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 2012, and the opening of “One Soul, Two Voices”, a visual exhibition and tribute to Wandly Yazid, at the Malay Heritage Centre in conjunction with Temasya Kampong Glam in 2011.

About Wandly Yazid

Wandly Yazid (1925-2005), born in Sumatra, was a renowned music composer, arranger and musician. He was also an entrepreneur, leader and visionary in the music scene, who contributed to Singapore’s film and music industry.

Though initially trained in music in West Sumatra, it was in Singapore that Wandly further pursued his passion in music, learning with several music studios and well-known musicians. In 1952, he founded the Megawati Orkestra, a 12-piece band, with Radio Malaya. In 1953, he started composing songs and background music for Nusantara Film Company, which produced films like Angin Berpesan and Pacar Putih. That same year, Hasan’s Home-coming won a Documentary Award by the Malayan Film Unit (1953) for his composition of its background music.

In 1956, Wandly became a violinist in the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra. Not soon after, he formed Fajar Records, producing many albums of popular artistes such as Rosiah Chik, R. Ismail, Ernie Djohan and Julie Sudiro. He was appointed Musical Director at Cathay-Keris Film Company in 1960, where he composed songs and background music for Hang Jebat, Jalak Lenteng, Gurindam Jiwa, Lancang Kuning, Kasih Ibu and many more film classics. Among the many songs that he composed, Gurindam Jiwa remains a favourite until today. By the 60’s, he has already composed and arranged film music for numerous films.

A versatile musician, Wandly played the violin, piano, clarinet and saxophone. He also founded the Wandly Yazid Orkestra, Wandy Five, and Café Vienna Trio. Wandly Yazid was conferred the COMPASS Meritorious Award, and Jasawan Minang by the Singapore Minangkabau Association (SMA), both in 2001.



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