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Saturday, 30 November 2013

8° Journeys of Inspiration

SINGAPORE – Maya Gallery and X-Nihilo Gallery are proud to present a collaborative exhibition, 8° Journeys of Inspiration, held at X-Nihilo Gallery Shanghai from November 2013 till February 2014. Launched on 30 November 2013, this reciprocating showcase will be exhibited at Maya Gallery Singapore in August 2014.

“Inspiration and genius – one and the same.” - Victor Hugo

This exhibition is to promote a community of artists who have dedicated their lives to creating works of inspiration from their own true life challenges. We will strive to develop support for each other, spread awareness, fund the struggle for a simple creative world that celebrates the beauty and goodness of life. Just like our artists, we believe that it is not how high you get or how far you go, but the difference you make along the way.

Journeys of Inspiration tell the story of how people, places and situations inspire.

We have discovered many artists that are dedicated to celebrating beauty in their lives despite people, places and culture being displaced.  We are on a romantic trip from 38o N to 8oS to capture the essence that stimulates our intellect or emotions that may one day otherwise be forgotten.

“The real voyage of discovery does not consist of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

Sunar Sugiyou  Huda Fauzan  Sun Hongtao

The exhibition runs from November 30, 2013 – February 28, 2014.

X-Nihilo Gallery
413 Jumen Road Unit 102, Huangpu District, Shanghai

MAYA GALLERY is dedicated to advance the high quality works by Singapore artists. Located in historic Kampong Glam, Singapore, the gallery regularly hosts art exhibitions and has participated in art fairs in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Holding true to its name, Maya, which means the enrichment of the soul, Maya Gallery provides consultancy in art, music and design. Maya Gallery is owned by Jeffrey Wandly and his wife Masturah Sha\'ari.

X-NIHILO GALLERY focuses on the promotion of Chinese contemporary art. Located at the Shanghai Creative Park Bridge 82, X-Nihilo Gallery holds regular art exhibitions, academic seminars and provides an exchange platform with artists, collectors, media and professional organisations to create art activities and programmes dedicated to support cutting edge contemporary art.

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