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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


SINGAPORE – Collective Asia is back this year with recent works of contemporary art by established Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore artists. The showcase covers various genres from traditional paintings to hyper-realism, and different mediums from acrylic, oil and ink to pastel and mxed media. Though there may be similar subject matters, expecially for two veteran Bali artists Pranoto and Raka Suwasta, known for their figurative paintings of Balinese women, their styles and mediums used differ – Pranoto works on acrylic, and Raka on pastel. We also get to see the hyper-realist works by Malaysia artists Latif Maulan and Md Fadli Yusoff, as well as a beautiful traditional Balinese painting by Ketut Sariastra, all sharing an element of heritage and culture. All the more for you to come down and view this special collection!

The exhibition runs from March 19th till April 5th, 2014.


Featured artists:

Pranoto (Indonesia)

Raka Suwasta (Indonesia)

Suklu (Indonesia)

Ketut Sariastra (Indonesia)

Gede Gunada (Indonesia)

Latif Maulan (Malaysia)

Md Fadli Yusoff (Malaysia)

Sunar Sugiyou (Singapore)

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