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Friday, 25 April 2014

Magic Sound: A Solo Exhibition by Putu Bonuz Sudiana

Balinese contemporary artist Putu Bonuz Sudiana makes his debut in Singapore at Maya Gallery with a solo exhibition, Magic Sound. With his works instinctively created from his spiritual experiences and contemplation of daily life, Bonuz is especially attracted to Sound as a motivational form of media. Where almost every ritual in Bali is usually accompanied by music (gamelan) with prayer, chants and praise for the Creator, Sound becomes an art form that can inspire and change lives. Bonuz\'s recent works explore the close relationship between the practice of Visual Arts, bent towards the play of colour, line and composition, with that of the rhythmic movements of music and the human voice.

The exhibition is on view from April 25 – May 10, 2014.

Opening Reception

25 April 2014, Friday
7 pm, Maya Gallery 
In the presence of the artist

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RSVP.  +6291 1760 / event@mayagallery.com.sg

PUTU BONUZ SUDIANA (b. 1972, Indonesia) was born in the tiny island of Nusa Penida, at the southeast coast of Bali on 30 December 1972. In a place known for its fishing and seaweed farming, Bonuz began by painting fishing boats. His strong interest in painting was unusual in a fishing village, but this did not discourage him from wanting to formally study painting. After junior high school in Nusa Penida, he bravely moved to Bali to study at the High School of Fine Arts (SMSR). Then in 1995 he continued on to the Fine Arts College of Indonesia (STSI, now the Indonesia Arts Institute, ISI) in Denpasar. Bonuz has exhibited in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


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