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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Three Islands Art Exhibition

Maya Gallery is proud to be part of Three Islands Art Exhibition at the Jawi House, in Penang, Malaysia. A collaboration of three galleries from Penang, Singapore and Langkawi – Jawi House, Maya Gallery and Beranda Gallery, the exhibition emphasises on the theme of impressionistic and environmental, transcending cultures and traditions. The artists\' works are bold, confident, and inspirational, sweeping across traditional forms of visual symbolism to present harmony of colour and form in different schools of art. They are universal, yet contextual, capturing the essence of the growing Malaysian and Singapore art scene.

Three Islands puts together the works of upcoming and veteran Malaysian and Singapore artists.

From the Maya Gallery of Singapore, and showing for the first time in Penang are the works of Jeffrey Wandly and Masturah Shaari.

From the Beranda Gallery in Langkawi, the works of Hairul Azizi Amat, renowned residential artist of Langkawi and a growing celebrity on the island art scene.

From Jawi House, the works of Anuar Rashid, Rashid Top, Khalid Sapari and Susanna Hernesniemi, a Finnish artist based in Penang.

These works are inspiring and would appeal to art enthusiasts and collectors.

Special dates

9 Apri 2015 – Preview & Booking, 5 - 7 pm
19 April 2015 - Official Reception, 5 pm


9 April – 19 May 2015
11 am to 10 pm daily, except Tuesdays


Jawi House, 85 Armenian Street
10200, George Town, Penang
Tel: 6 04 2613680
Tel: 6 048905216 (am)

Exhibiting Artists

Anuar Rashid
Rashid Top
Khalid Sapari
Susanna Hernesniemi (Penang-based Finnish artist)

Jeffrey Wandly
Masturah Shaari

Hairul Azizi Amat 

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MAYA GALLERY is dedicated to advance high quality works by Singapore, Southeast Asian and international artists, with the aim to stimulate cross-cultural dialogue. We have shown more than 90 international artists art at exhibitions, collaborative shows, art fairs and festivals in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Korea. Holding true to its name, Maya, which means the enrichment of the soul, Maya Gallery offers consultancy in art, music and design. The gallery is recognised as an engaging art space with a local flavour yet global appeal.

Nestled in historic and fashionable Armenian Street, JAWI HOUSE is a gallery that specialises in local artworks, prints, hand-painted fabrics and carvings. It is also a cafe that specialises in modernised as well as traditional Jawi Peranakan cuisine.

BERANDA GALLERY is an independent gallery, studio, artist residency, artshop and art cafe which houses a selection of visual arts ranging from classic to modern contemporary pieces in a variety media. Boasting works and collection from 1963 to rare, exclusive pieces from legend, the gallery is committed to building an cross-cultural art platform. Founded by Mr. Mohd Hairul Azizi Amat Tokimin, the gallery hosts regular solo and group exhibitions to showcase talents of the region, and bring artistic ideas and artists to a wider audience.

The Beranda Residensi Langkawi MALAYSIAN Master is the first exhibition launched by Yang Berbahagia Ambassador Dato\' Mohd Yusof Ahmad, Director General of the National Visual Art Gallery, Malaysia.