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Friday, 12 April 2013

encore! Celebrating Maya Gallery's 1st Anniversary

Maya Gallery celebrates its 1st anniversary with éncore!—a group exhibition of 30 artists from Singapore and the world. Celebrating a year of collaborations and inspiring stories, Maya Gallery brings to you a collective showcase of accomplished and emergent Singaporean and international artists, some of whom the gallery has worked with, and the rest are new friends to the Maya family.

Iskandar Jalil  Adi Yadoni  Aida Khalid  Alec Tan Amanda Soon Charlotte Tan  Chew Sumei  Daryl Goh  Idris Ali  Jeff Wandly  Karto  Kit Mui Loh  Latip Hussain  Lee Ruixiang Manjeet Shergill Rofizano Zaino Rosihan Dahim Sujak Rahman  Sunar Sugiyou  Suriani Suratman  Tan Haur Tan Sock Fong Tumadi Patri

Christine Das (Malaysia)  Valerie Ng (Malaysia)  Huda Fauzan (Indonesia)  Putu Bonuz (Indonesia)  Suklu (Indonesia)  Naz Kaya (Turkey)  Deusa Blumke (Brazil)



11th April 2013, Thursday, 4 - 6pm, Maya Gallery
Email to art@mayagallery.com.sg for MEDIA KIT


12th April 2013, Friday, 7 – 9pm, Maya Gallery

Guest of Honour: Mdm Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament

Guest Artist: Mr Iskandar Jalil, Recipient of Cultural Medallion, The Public Service Star

Launch of \'Mas Maya\' – Maya Gallery\'s very own mocktail by Aziza Ali, Culinary Consultant

The VIP Reception is a BY INVITATION ONLY event. 
Please RSVP to art@mayagallery.com.sg

The exhibition runs from 12 April till 12 May 2013.