Perspectives: 45 years of Singapore-Vietnam Relations

May 17, 2018 - May 27, 2018

Perspectives: Commemorating 45 years of Singapore-Vietnam Relations is organised by The Singapore Embassy in Hanoi, in partnership with Maya Gallery Singapore and Pham Luan Art House. 

Held at the Cultural Exchange Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam, the exhibition showcases 20 paintings by Vietnamese artist Pham Luan and Singaporean artist Jeffrey Wandly.  

The artworks displayed not only depict the landscapes in Singapore and Vietnam as viewed through the unique lens and experiences of the two artists, but capture the artists’ thoughts and feelings of attachment towards each other’s country.

Pham Luan has a special affinity to Singapore and has extensively used Singapore’s landmarks and landscapes as inspiration for his paintings. Through his works, guests will be able to appreciate the beauty of some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, the Botanical Gardens and Clarke Quay as seen from his unique perspective.

Similarly, Jeffrey’s fondness for historical Vietnamese landmarks is evident in his art. A regular visitor to Vietnam, he is particularly attracted to the unique architecture and street scenes of Hanoi and Hoi An, expressed through his own distinct style. Prominent landmarks of Hanoi, such as the Old Quarters and Metropole Hotel, as well as the ancient town of Hoi An, are easily recognisable in his works. 

Perspectives reflect the close and vibrant cultural exchanges and people-to-people links between Singapore and Vietnam, and contributes to the friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries.  

Jeffrey Wandly (Singapore)
Pham Luan (Vietnam)


Foreword by H.E. Catherine Wong
Ambassador of Singapore to Vietnam

2018 marks a special year for Singapore- Vietnam relations.  This year, we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of a long and enduring friendship between the two countries. Relations between Vietnam and Singapore are excellent and are underpinned by wide-ranging and substantive cooperation across many fronts.  Over the past four and a half decades, our friendship has blossomed and matured.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the Singapore Embassy in Hanoi is pleased to organise “Perspectives – Commemorating 45 years of Singapore-Vietnam Relations”, a showcase of artwork by Vietnamese artist Mr Pham Luan and Singaporean artist Mr Jeffrey Wandly.  In a unique arrangement, the two artists have painted landmarks and landscape scenes not of their own country, but of each other’s country.  These paintings reflect their feelings, thoughts and sense of attachment towards each other’s country.
This exhibition is part of a series of activities that the Embassy is organising in 2018 to celebrate the 45th anniversary milestone.  I hope that cultural exchanges such as this exhibition will further strengthen people-to-people ties between Singapore and Vietnam and enhance the mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries.  This will serve as a concrete foundation for the further development and deepening of relations between Singapore and Vietnam.

I hope you will enjoy the beautiful works that the two artists have put together. 

Hang Dau Water Tower, Hanoi
Ink and acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 cm