Building Whisperer Alam Maya

October 29, 2020 - November 30, 2020

Maya Gallery is proud to launch ALAM MAYA, our VIRTUAL EXHIBITION page, and our first virtual exhibition, on 29 October 2020.

ALAM MAYA aims to display a virtual documentation of our artists' artworks and their stories that will last for generations to come, unlike a physical one that lasts as long as the exhibition. Through the use of technology, we are able to offer a unique experience that will help to trigger the interest of viewers to find out more about the artist, artworks and art practice. In these unusual times, where we have to accept restricted movement and embrace digital transformation, a virtual platform provides an opportunity for us to sit back and enjoy art from our desktop or mobile wherever we are. 

Building Whisperer ALAM MAYA 

For one to move ahead, one must know where one came from. 

Building Whisperer ALAM MAYA brings you on a journey of Singapore's past and present through the eyes of Jeffrey Wandly. The whispers and voices of buildings that have stood before us and are standing in front of us encapsulate history like a time capsule. Our history is rich, and our journey filled with every emotion from sadness to joy and victory, etched into immortality by Jeffrey. His desire is that his artworks will be a catalyst to trigger the curiosity of viewers leading to further insights and emotions of the roofs over our heads that shelter us through rain and shine.

The Singapore landmarks and places he has painted are potentially ephemeral, as they eventually give way to Singapore’s rapid expansion for more homes, roads malls and other developments. Thus, the need to capture the essence and stories behind the buildings and surroundings depicted. 

Building Whisperer ALAM MAYA is Jeffrey’s first virtual exhibition. He has had three solo exhibitions—Poetry of the Soul at Artshow Busan (2014); Building Whisperer at Singapore Contemporary (2016); and Bisikan Bangunan at Art Expo Malaysia (2016), all with Maya Gallery, which he co-founded with his wife Masturah Sha'ari in 2012. 

This VIRTUAL EXHIBITION is made possible with the kind support by National Arts Council through the Digital Presentation Grant. 

Artist Statement

“I love everything about a building, from conception to construction, each nut and bolt; how every part is made, I have touched every single piece of material and smelt the dirt at construction sites. When I work it’s a spontaneity where I let gravity and a natural order flow. Through my art, I hope to show the connection Singaporeans, its visitors and residents, have with the built environment and in turn, how they contribute to an archive of memories in the iconic heritage buildings around Singapore.”