DEADLINE: 30 September 2024

Maya Gallery is thrilled to announce an open call to artists to submit small but impactful works for Small Matter 2024, an exhibition celebrating the diverse talents in creating works on a small scale, in various styles, techniques and approaches. 

Selected works will be exhibited at Maya Gallery from November 28 to December 14, 2024

Deadline for submissions is 30 September 2024

Singapore and international artists are encouraged to apply. The artist with the best work will have an opportunity to join future gallery exhibitions!

Please adhere to the terms and conditions, and complete the application form with your artwork image(s), artist bio, statement, profile photo, CV, and Entry Fee (non-refundable) of $100 for up to 2 artorks, or $150 for 3 works, or $200 for 4 works. 





We invite artists to submit small but impactful works. Selected finalists will have the opportunity to be part of an exhibition to celebrate the diverse talents in creating works on a small scale, in various styles, techniques and approaches.
2D Artworks
Entries must be 40 cm or less less in both height and width (including frame).
Paper works must be framed, covered with acrylic/perspex, and not exceeding the size requirements.
All mediums are accepted including painting, illustration, design, digital art (printed), photography, collage, printmaking, textiles and mixed media.

3D Artworks
Entries must not exceed 20 cm in any direction
Sculptural works, whether in ceramic, glass or metalwork, must be able to be displayed on a flat surface.


  1. Entry is open to international living artists from 18 years of age, emerging and established.
  2. Entering Small Matter confirms that you are the owner and creator of the work submitted.
  3. If selected, work delivered to the exhibition must be exactly the same as the image submitted. 
  4. All artworks must be exhibition ready: 2D works must be framed, well presented, and complete with proper framing hook and/or hanging wire. Paper works must be framed, if using matt board must only be in white/slightly off-white, covered with acrylic/perspex, and not exceed the size requirements.
  5. 3D works must not weigh more than 15 kg.
  6. For any works requiring special installation or assemblage, installation will be required on-site by the exhibiting artist.
  7. If the guidelines/criteria are not met, such as incomplete submission, works not delivered on time, not gallery-ready, unstable, differing significantly from the entry images, or lacking in presentation or craftsmanship, entries may be omitted from the show. 
  8. All unsold works must be picked up by the artists after the end of the show.


  1. All artwork must be for sale. 
  2. The gallery will take a 40% commission on all work sold. 
  3. While we promise that we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that your artwork will sell.


  1. Artists are responsible for ALL shipping and framing expenses related to the exhibition.
  2. While we maintain a Fine Art insurance policy covering artwork on our premises, you are solely responsible for insuring your art while in transit to and from the gallery. 
  3. We are not liable for any damage/loss of artworks during shipping/delivery to and from the gallery. 


  1. Registration starts on July 3, 2024; and closes on September 30, 2024.
  2. Each application must be accompanied by a non-refundable Entry Fee of $100 for up to 2 works; or $150 for 3 works, or $200 for 4 works. 
  3. Payment can be made via PAYNOW, Bank Transfer or credit card with the online submission.
  4. Entry will be judged based on the image photo you upload.
  5. Only selected works will be exhibited. Finalists will be selected by a panel of judges including Maya Gallery's management. Judges’ decision is final on all aspects of selection and awarding the prize. No correspondence or appeal will be entered into or considered.


  1. The gallery will take care of the organisation, setting up and communication of the event. 
  2. Artwork entered may be reproduced by any means, in any media for promotional purposes such as media coverage or online publicity. 
  3. Images uploaded via registration may be reproduced in the Homeland e-catalogue, including unselected submissions.
  4. The e-catalogue will be available during the exhibition.  


Please prepare the following documents for online submission:

JPEG Files

  1. Up to 4 Artwork Images in high resolution (300 dpi) with title, medium, dimensions, year, price (SGD); with correct orientation (horizontal or vertical).
  2. Artist Profile Photo in high resolution (300 dpi).
  3. Payment Transaction Slip

PDF Files

  1. Artist Biography – tell us about yourself and your background (max 100 words).
  2. Artwork Statement – brief description of your submitted work, technique (max 100 words).
  3. Artist CV – complete resume of your educational background, work experiences, exhibitions, projects, awards received (if any).





JULY 3 : Registration starts

SEP 30 : Submission Deadline

OCT 12 : Finalists Announcement

NOV 1-3 : Arrival of shipped artwork; In-person drop off 12-6 pm


NOV 28 : Show opens at Maya Gallery

DEC 14 : Show closes at Maya Gallery

DEC 15 : Pick up of unsold artwork 12-6 pm